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Security and Defense Consulting.

Security is the cornerstone of development and progress in a free society. To protect lives, infrastructure, and the economic interest of a group, strategic security, and defense intel are required.

As a retired US Army Veteran, I understand the importance of this and can help you tackle key national security and regional issues like organized crimes, violence, terrorism, espionage, and more.

I create National security frameworks, security threat matrixes, threat and security assessments. Other defense services include capability building for different military, defense simulation and intelligence platform design.


Training that helps your organization scale, remain profitable and stay ahead of the competition

Adebayo offers training on

  • Risk Management: Learn how to improve your business’ agility to withstand risks and be more efficient.
  • Business Growth: Get the blueprint on how to position your business for competitiveness and increased revenue.
  • Logistics and Trade: Logistics is the lifeblood of trade and any organisation struggling to get its logistics process right, will lose money. I have served as the DIrector of Logistics for the US Army and also consulted for global organisations on how to move goods and services faster across borders.


Trusted by the United Nations and World Trade Organisation, Adebayo is an advisor that brings his diverse experience to inspire change, disruption and value creation. He combines expertise and experience to deliver value.

Whether you want him to deliver a keynote talk on trade and supply chains or a masterclass on risk management, geopolitics, or security, Adebayo has a track record of delivering value.

He speaks on

  • Geopolitics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Security & Defense
  • Indigenous Supply Chain
  • Risk Management
  • African Supply Chain
  • Contested Logistics
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Adebayo Adeleke knows his stuff. We’re proud of his work, and mentorship at the Supple Jobs Canada Network.

Abiodun Oke

SCMP, PMP Supply Chain Management Consultant


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