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The difference between survival and extinction for your business is looking at risk differently


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Trusted by the United Nations and World Trade Organization, Adebayo is an advisor that brings his diverse experience to inspire change, disruption and value creation.

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Your business’s ability to scale and expand in a contested environment is hinged on your ability to constantly monitor, understand and stay ahead of geopolitical risks.Let’s work together to ensure your business stays profitable.

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Are you a policy maker and want to create the best logistics experience to boost trade in your region? With my expert guidance, you can create the best logistics experience for your region whilst considering security and geopolitics.

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Your non-profit will only scale and meet its set goals when it can understand and stay ahead of geopolitical risks.

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Learn how to improve your business’ agility to withstand risks and be more efficient.

Risk Management

Learn how to improve your business’ agility to withstand risks and be more efficient.

Business Growth

Get the blueprint on how to position your business for competitiveness and increased revenue.

Logistics and Trade

Logistics is the lifeblood of trade and any organization struggling to get its logistics process right, will lose money. I have served as the Director of Logistics for the US Army and also consulted for global organizations on how to move goods and services faster across borders.


If you are looking for a speaker with a unique blend of expertise, experience and perspective Adebayo tops the list

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Adebayo Adeleke knows his stuff. We’re proud of his work, and mentorship at the Supple Jobs Canada Network.

Abiodun Oke

SCMP, PMP Supply Chain Management Consultant


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Everything I learned in the US military has helped me understand the vital role human security and defense plays in economic growth, trade and even supply chains.

If I am not talking about defense and security, you’d find me speaking about risk management, geopolitics or indigenous supply chains. I believe all these are intricately intertwined into economy and society

I am equally passionate about the African supply chain and I believe that we can position Africa’s Supply Chain to support most organizational needs by understanding the role of culture.

I am passionate about about helping organizations and regions tackle security issues, helping business owners within and outside the African continent to solve their risk management issues and advising policy leaders and foreign businesses who want to thrive in Africa.

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