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Now you can develop logistics innovations to drive trade for your country, move goods and services across Africa faster than you thought possible, and best of all get access to never seen before facts and unbeatable data from cultural leaders, manufacturers, farmers, and consumers on Nigeria’s indigenous supply chain.

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Africa’s productivity is tied to its supply chain. If we can’t move goods and services quickly, we can’t be a productive continent. It’s time to do better.

Adebayo Adeleke

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About Book

Instead of sinking a large volume of scarce resources into building brand-new logistics and supply chain management systems in Africa, we must examine logistics and supply chain management systems indigenous to the continent, which have been built over centuries of interactions with various cultures and forces.

The fact that these indigenous systems remain today is a testament to their quality and resilience. To facilitate cross-border trade as envisioned in the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), it makes more economic sense to study the pre-existing indigenous arrangement and identify the strengths, weaknesses, and potentials for its adoption to accelerate the much-desired intracontinental trade in Africa.

This book by Adebayo Adeleke is the only research you need to improve trade in Africa.

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A peek into all you will get.

Empirical evidence for the existence of the African indigenous logistics system The development of the indigenous logistics systems in Nigeria.


Reasons behind the popularity or otherwise of the indigenous logistics systems.


Strengths and weaknesses of the indigenous logistics systems.


Opportunities for scaling up the indigenous logistics systems as the solution to the logistical and supply chain problems of Africa.

Meet the Author

Everything I learned in the US military has helped me understand the vital role human security and defense plays in economic growth, trade and even supply chains.

If I am not talking about defense and security, you’d find me speaking about risk management, geopolitics or indigenous supply chains. I believe all these are intricately intertwined into economy and society

I am equally passionate about the African supply chain and I believe that we can position Africa’s Supply Chain to support most organizational needs by understanding the role of culture.

I am passionate about about helping organizations and regions tackle security issues, helping business owners within and outside the African continent to solve their risk management issues and advising policy leaders and foreign businesses who want to thrive in Africa.

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